Bio-Rad offers over 30 year’s experience in HLA diagnostics. Having started with serological plates for HLA typing and antibody diagnostics, our product range has been expanded continuously. In addition to serology, we also have molecular biological tests for HLA typing and ELISA tests for antibody diagnostics. The Quickstep ELISA processor in conjunction with HLA typing and antibody tests provides a fully automated system solution for the modern HLA laboratory.


Bio-Rad offers serological (Lymphotype) and molecular biological (ELPHA and SSP) HLA typing systems and serological (Lymphoscreen) and ELISA-based (AbScreen/AbIdent) antibody diagnostics systems.



Bio-Rad offers a freestanding validated software solution for every product line.


A number of accessories are available for Bio-Rad infectious diseases and transplantation diagnostics systems.

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