Fluid Reagents

The wide product range of monoclonal antibodies for blood group typing comprises the Seraclone™ reagents for ABO, Rhesus factor D and Rhesus typing. A range of polyclonal, Coombs-reactive antisera complements the analysis of rare blood group antigens with Seraclone™ reagents.

ABO Blood Group Reagents

Seraclone™ products for ABO typing

RH Reagents

Seraclone™ products for Rhesus Factor D and Rhesus typing

Rare Blood Group Reagents (monoclonal)

Seraclone™ monoclonal reagents for rare blood group typing

Rare Blood Group Reagents (polyclonal)

Polyclonal reagents for rare blood group typing

Test Erythrocytes

Biotestcell products for reverse typing

Anti-Human Globulin

Supplements, Enzymes

Supplements and enzymes for blood group typing and antibody detection

Reagents for Quality Control

Weak D and partial D determination

The used reagent Solidscreen II Anti-D (RH1) Blend comprises two IgG clones. Therefore the detection is carried out on Solidscreen II plates using anti-human globulin.