Bio-Rad offers complete solutions in blood group typing and antibody diagnostics for the immunohaematological laboratory. In addition to its high quality reagents, Bio-Rad has developed the TANGO infinity™ system, a fully automated system for blood group typing for the medium-sized and large laboratory.

Liquid Reagents

The wide product range of monoclonal antibodies for blood group typing comprises the Seraclone™ reagents for ABO, Rhesus factor D and Rhesus typing.

Microtitre Plates

Bio-Rad offers a wide product range of microplates ready for use.

Bedside Cards / Serafol

Serafol™ ABO and Serafol™ ABO+D are used to confirm patient identity immediately before a blood transfusion (bedside test).

Instruments / Tango

There is no contradiction between full automation and hospital routine. Peak workloads with a large number of samples arriving in the late morning and afternoon – a typical experience for every laboratory – can be packaged and scheduled.


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